Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fabulous Sale!!!!

Good Morning...

I am running to get the kids to school on time..(lunch box today is full with organic burger...sweet potatoes cut as french fries and organic apples....after yesterdays Blog I was inspired!!!)

Well before running out the house I wanted to share the sale that Banana Republic is having today!!! On top the sale items you can get an additional 25% at checkout when you enter Promo code: TAKE25.

Here are a few items:
  • Cashmere asimetrical Gown - Original $275  TODAY  $52.49
  • Silk maxi dress - Original Price $175 TODAY $41.24
  • Shawl-collar sweater jacket- Original Price $130 TODAY $33.74
  • Long-sleeve shirred top- Original Price $34 TODAY $11.24
  • Drake quilted small shoulder bag- Original Price $150 TODAY $ 22.49
Hurry because with this type of sales I do not anticipate that will last long!!
Well I hope you have a great day!!
I will drop the kids and go exercise with a girlfriend....I hope those pounds start coming down!!!
See you later!

Fabulous Mom

1 comment:

Veronica Lee said...

Hi Sasha. Great blog! Welcome to MBC!

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