Monday, January 26, 2009

Saving Calories


Yupii I learned how to prepare sushi..!! I will post the pictures tomorrow so you can see it and tell how they look.....!! It was actually quite fun a little bit messy but fun nonetheless.

Since we are on the topic of food I thought you might find useful some tips I got for Hungry-Girl on what products you can switch when baking to save a some calories..we all know that every one counts!.

TOP ATE Calorie-Saving Cooking Swaps!
1.Nonstick cooking spray instead of oil (for stovetop cooking)
2.Canned pumpkin instead of eggs & oil (for baking)
3.Light vanilla soymilk instead of milk or cream
4.Fat-free liquid egg substitute instead of eggs
5.No-sugar-added applesauce instead of butter
6.Ground-beef-style soy crumbles instead of ground beef
7.Splenda No Calorie Sweetener (granular) instead of sugar
8.Butternut squash instead of potatoes

I actually tried a couple and you could hardly taste the difference.

You can check the website to get more tips or great low cal recipes.

I am very tired so I am going straight to bed!

Have a great night!

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