Monday, January 19, 2009

Starting to think about Valentine's

Hello all!

Well I am officially on my first day of diet..and it has not been easy..but I did OK so am happy!
I am extremely excited about tomorrow..what a day in history!! I will be watching all the inaugural events..and I might cheer with some champagne when President Obama swears into office!!! 

On a lighter note, I am starting to think Valentine's..and here are a couple of things I found that I hope you find them fabulous!!! : Personalized Photo Art on Canvas $ 23.95
You can take a precious photo of you and your sweat heart and turn it into an amazing, memorable work of art  plus you can either select one of them 3 poems they have or you can write something special. How Fabulous is that?? Treats:Polka Dot Hearts $ 3.95
Adorable Valentine's day tags for your scrapbooks, treat bags, greeting cards and anything else you can think of! I think they are fabulous and would make any gift look great!
Set of 4. Measures almost 2 in. - Cockscomb Wreath... you can make it yourself!!!

Nothing expresses the essence of Valentine's Day better than a big, full heart...!!! and there is no better way to express it if you personally do it...You can go to Martha's web page to get the "how to"..Please if you decided to do it  send me the pictures..!!

I can wait for tomorrow!! What a day!!

Have a good night!

Fabulous Mom!!

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