Monday, March 16, 2009

What city are you?

I've done this post in the past but I had so much fun with the comments that I felt like doing it again.

If I would to describe my life as cities I would have to say that:
  • in my teens I was very London, 

  • in my early twenties I felt very Madrid, 
  • late twenties....a nice Fort Lauderdale, 
  • as an executive in Corporate America I was New York all the way...
  • ...and lately I have been feeling very San Francisco!!

And of course always always in my heart and soul...I have been Bariloche, Argentina!

I've read some time ago that people are the happiest when they feel represented by the city they live in...

Question: What city are you???

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Anonymous said...

in my teens I was very bRASIL.. FULL OF COLOR AND HAPINESS.
in my early twenties I felt very BRASIL too, BECUASE I Didnt GRew UP UPTO 25 OR MORE and also BOLIVIA, because i had a lot of interest in what happens in country where almost nothing could be perfect,
late twenties....London, full of rain.. and clouds.. because i had to start working in a more seriuos way... i had to be what it is expected from an adult....
...and lately I have been feeling very Dock Sud... working for oil & gas industry... without the chance to devepoled my studies of architecture....
of course always always in my heart and soul...I have been Argentina!... contradictory, passionate, frustrating, and far away to be perfect

PS: god bless your life !!

Sasha said...

I love it! what a beautiful way of describing each city!!! and of course I think you nailed it with Argentina!!
Cheers to you for all those Brazilian years..!! I think I could have used a couple of Brazilian years myself...
Thank you so much for sharing & particularly for your blessings!
Have a Fabulous weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sashi, sos genial!!!! te quiero mucho y admiro la garra que le pones a todo!!! besos. pau

Nicole Marie said...

wow this is a great post. i have to think about that one. I absolutely feel san francisco but possibly because it reminds me of italy so much. walking to every cafe and restaurants

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