Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Even though I had soo much fun putting together all my favorites gifts, I still believe Valentine's is about giving kids, to friends, to lovers, to everybody.....

For a Fabulous Valentine's!

Image: Rodney Smith (off course!)


Biba said...

How spooky... i have this same picture in my inspirations folder just waiting for the right post to use it! Love it! Fab valentines selections too :)

Everything Fabulous said...

Good Morning Biba!
Thanks for stopping by!Did you end up visiting DaWanda? any good?
I loove Rodney Smith...I'll be looking forward for your post with this picture!
Hope you are having a Fabulous day!

Veronica Lee said...

Welcome to newbieville. You do have a fabulous blog!

Everything Fabulous said...

Thank you Veronica so much for your comment!!
It really means a lot!

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