Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First steps for your own veggie garden

For the best success, a vegetable garden should be well panned out in advance.  

Vegetables are easy to grow and are very rewarding at harvest time. The most important requirements are sunshine and watering. 

If you have an area in your yard or balcony that gets  sunshine most of the day (6-8 hours in summer) then you can have a vegetable garden!

Nurseries will stock seasonal varieties. Another way is to get your own seeds and have them grow inside and then when they are ready transplant them into your garden!

If you are planning on growing tomatoes you will need to start indoor sowing by March!

I would start maybe with one or two vegetables and see how you like favorites are tomatoes and eat them a lot and are very easy to care for!

Tomatoes plant may be trained on they are perfect for a pot just outside your kitchen!

Some plants you may want to grow in your first garden are: tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplant and cucumbers..

A couple of good links to get more information, all your tools and seeds are:

Imagine enjoy a beautiful summer day with a salad from your own garden!! How fabulous is that?

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