Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good bye...I promise you I won't miss you!

I usually write in a paper with very strong lines..but today, today I want to start with a white canvas, reflecting on the way my life in terms of the future is..a white canvas...
Life is seductive in that way, you always have the excitement of what's coming next..unless, you allowed yourself to fall in a comfort zone..that comfort that gives you an unrealistic feeling of "control".
Growing up I was always so afraid of the word "routine", I felt like the best part of life was having no routine. My fear was that "routine" was going to get a hold of me...and would never let go. And you know how it goes, that which you fear you attract.

So, routine got a hold of me in a very subtle way..little by little I started to enjoy my breakfast routine ..get up, get some coffee, prepare lunch for my kids school while my husband was cooking breakfast... Then it took even more control of me, by allowing me to enjoy weeks knowing what was ahead every day..and before you realized it...I slowly learned to embrace my life routines...up to the point that my life became my routine.

Until today that I got the courage to look "routine" in the eyes and told him:
...Thank you...because you carry me through some tough times in my life..because you gave me a  sense of accomplishment just by following you...but I don't need you anymore..I am OK now...and even if I really don't know what the future will bring my way..I am back in my two feet ready to embrace it....
You can go now..because I need some space to welcome my new friend "fear of the unknown"..and I am throwing a welcome party for him!

Tomorrow I will start a new day..and I will cook breakfast myself!

[Image via Rodney Smith]


Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

Lovely words, darling! A lot of courage is needed to stay away from routine. Best wishes on your journey!

Sasha said...

Hi Caroline! thanks for your encouragement!!!

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