Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Green Books

There are a lot of different Green books in the market today. I thought I can share my review on some of the ones I read.

Great book to get started on Green.. it is more focus on the day to day way of saving the environment while saving you money. Not much in depth on the whys of things. Very easy to read.

It's a girls introduction on green life..the way is written  makes it sound so glamorous. It does not go too much into depth but it gives you enough information to make wise decisions on your health and the impact on the environment. Very practical. Sophie Muliano makes air dry clothes sound Fabulous. You can find tons of recommendations on products. I totally recommend this book!

Very focus on the health impact on raising green kids. Goes very much into detail. I would recommend this to day care professional or somebody that will take raising green kids to the next level.

Renee Loux it's  the Martha Stewart of green living. It shows you very easy steps to implement living green in your house, personal care and beauty routines. While Sophie Ulliano is more practical in her advice Renee's recommendation are more directed towards creating a green life from the basics. Great tips!

I will post more reviews on other books I read in the near future!
Enjoy the reading!

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