Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Historic Shouthern House in Neutral Tones

Eric  Cohler's home is Charleston is a place where the past and the present coexist toghether under the same room.  

Cohler defines his style as traditionalist with an appreciation for contemporary design. He refers to the interiors of the house as " Classical veneer with a modern core".  

Even though the house still conserves the authenticity of the original 1809 architecture the modern design does not seem to give  a decontracte look, contrary, they bring a light to each other. 

He played with a very neutral palette but brought a modern flavor with zebra pillows, rugs and benches, graphical rugs (from William Sonoma) and modern art.

Do you like zebra accents in the house?

[Image via Veranda]


Michelle said...

pretty, and I can always tell a southern house.

Sasha said...

Hi Michelle, what an eye..I can tell form the outside but form the inside my eye is not that reliable! Thanks for your comment!

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