Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The House from Something's Gotta Give

Finally here it is the house of Something's Gotta Give..I am still searching for a picture of her desk...overlooking the ocean...that would be a dream come true to write the blog from a desk like that..

Nevertheless, here is the house.
Since the day I saw the movie I still remember those light blue sofas...One day when mi kids are grown..there is still a chance!!

James Radin is accredited to be a collaborator with the decor of the house for this movie as as well as The Holiday ( remember my post from last week)...anyway, you can find in his web page some pictures of both houses as well as other projects with a very similar approach. 

My love for white kitchens is larger than life at this point...I guess eventually I am going to need to get one. Having tons of cooking books myself I can really use the shelves on the side..especially that many!

Again in the dining room very soft color palette and just the contract of the table makes for just a relaxing ambiance. I like the simplicity of the carpet..
The shades of blue added by the flowers and the upholster chairs is delightful..

How would you like to have a glass of  wine ( for me of course Argentine wine ok or some Chilean!!).. or just read a book by the shades on a sunny day? I like the pool side because it just seems very real..with a very soft color palette as the rest of the house.

So, who's coming with me for some relaxing time to this house?

Imges: Set Decorators.org, AD & Cote de Texas & James Radin

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priya said...

Thanks so much for your post. I have trying to soak up as much info as I can find on the interiors of this house. You along with thousands of others seem to share my love for the kitchen in this house. Would you by any chance know/guess the color they used on the kitchen cabinets?

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