Monday, February 16, 2009

Macy's Welcomes Rebecca Moses

Designer Rebecca Moses launched her Summer Home Entertaining Collection at Macy's. How Fabulous!

In her own words "Anything I create must be luxurious, timeless, functional, and beautifully colored. Those are my main principles, my starting points for anything I design."

And she does not disappoint one bit in this collection. All her plates are mix and match so you can easily bring some color to your table with just a couple of her items.

The collection is bivrant, delicate and yet very affordable. Price points go from$6.95 to 9.99...not bad.

So run to a Macy's near you to check the collection..!!

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Jaida said...

How beautiful.!! Well, Its really a good news that designer Rebecca Moses launched her summer home entertaining collection at Macy's

Anonymous said...

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Edris Brownsberger said...

I want to add these in my collection!

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