Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Holiday House

My two favorites movies, not from a movie plot but from a house perspective, are "Something's Gotta Give" and "The  Holiday"...Two days ago I started searching for pictures of the house...and they are! I am posting today  "The Holiday" house pictures. Enjoy!

As soon as you enter the house you have this beautiful living room that sets the tone for the rest of the house. The way they incorporated color in a perfect balance makes it very relaxing to the the furniture used seems very practical to entertain. The room allows you to have several mini groups in the same room.

This is one of my favorites view of the house..I can picture myself actually walking though the corridor...Love the ceilings..

I can cook and entertain all day in this kitchen..I like the sense of a everyday kitchen yet it has alittle bit of formality to it!

I can watch movies all day long in this media room. Chocolate paint in walls really allows you to just with very simple statement make a room look very chic. I painted my guest bathroom in my house is not easy to obtain the perfect shade but it is all worth it.

I really like the light appliances in the staircase.

I love the cohesiveness of the decoration through the just all seem to work together in a very smooth is the rest area before the main bedroom.

Simple yet practical yet adorable...a room that truly invites you to just relax. It is very personable. Not a big gray person myself but it keeps growing in me more and more lately.

The bathroom might be a little bit over the top but still I love how the play with the dark floor and white tub...You have to love the ceiling!

Perfect backyard to just sip  some Skinny Girl Margarita! I like the idea of having plants complement the architectural frame of the house not to overpower it..

I hope you enjoy the house! Isn't it Fabulous??

Source: Architectural Digest & Cote de Texas


Claire Jackson said...

Sasha, I can't believe it, they are also my m two very favourite houses, and I was trying to upload the same images!! I totally agree, aren't they simply divine?? Thank you so much for sharing these stunning photos, something to definitely aspire to! Best wishes, Claire

Everything Fabulous said...

Hello Claire,
they say great minds think alike...!!!! Don't you just feel like moving in?
I have a couple of the house from Something's Gotta Give but I am still searching for her desk...!!!
Hope you are having a Fabulous week!!

Fé... said...

I don't know why I find it a bit cold. I prefer more homy colors instead of gray and white.

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