Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars 2009 Red Carpet- Jennifer Aniston Dress

There was so much expectation on Jennifer Aniston's presentation at the Oscars tonight...and even though I think Angelina Jolie looked great, Jennifer Aniston had a light that stole the scene.
Her hair was very natural, it reminded me when she walked the Red Carpet 10 years ago with Brad Pitt ( I don't know if your remembered it but it had some twisted hair also)...but what I think was perfect was her makeup, enough color but still very soft.

You are always waiting for that ahhh moment at the Oscars and tonight when Jennifer Aniston presented at the Kodak theater you could hear a couple of ahh...

Her presentation was not that great..but maybe she was more nervous than usual.

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Biba said...

Hey, you have won an award! Check out my blog and see :)

(sorry will always be angelina over jen lol)

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