Monday, February 23, 2009

Paint you walls brown (or chocolate..)

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I fell in love with brown walls 10 years ago when searching for the perfect shade for my guest bathroom...and it has been a love affair that has evolved with time.

Walls painted in brown set a warn backdrop to a story that's reach in meaning...and I love to be told stories.

You can use it almost in any room through out the house ( except the kitchen & kids room). It allows you to create an ambiance without investing much in wall art or pictures.


[Image via Domino Magazine, House Beautiful, Martha Stewart, Atlanta Homes & Nate Burke]


drollgirl said...

great idea!

Stacy said...

Loving the first living room photo!

Sasha said...

The first living room is from Nate Burke !! Check his web page for lots of great ideas!

Patty Rons Beyers said...

I really want to paint my powder room chocolate brown but am looking for some inspiration. do you have any photos of a bathroom? It has all white trim and no windows so I am worried it may look too dark. Any color ideas? Thanks.

Sasha said...

Hello Patty,

Thanks for visiting!
I painted my guest bathroom in chocolate & I love it! I'll look for some pictures and send them your way!

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