Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The perfect gift from the heart!

Personally, I believe Valentine's is more than just about giving gifts but rather expressing love..it's more about romance and the possibilities than the material things you can get or give.

That's the reason why I think the perfect gift for this Valentine's or any other occasion that you want to give a gift from the heart  is a box full of cards from the people you love of from your significant other. 
It is very easy, just get a Fabulous box or make one yourself and fill it with just plain  cards that says:

I love you because....
You make me smile when....
I knew you where the one when....
You make me feel special when...

For the grandma, the mother, the father, that special coworker  you can just get all the grand kids, kids, in laws, etc and pass around a couple of cards for them to write why they love this person so much.

How would you like to have on your night table a box with your name full with expression of how special you are and how much people love you...!

Or you can have all the kids in the classroom write something for the teacher or just draw something of why the teacher is so special!

The possibilities are endless....

There is nothing like written words from the people that love you...it is a gift that would keep on giving every time that person opens the box!

Image: VIVREPottery Barn & Etsy  


avagdro said...

Thank you Sasha, cute collections .Have a joyful valentines Day ahead.

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Everything Fabulous said...

Thank you Avagdro for stopping by!
So happy you like it!
Have a Fabulous V!

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