Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Plant your own Herbs!

We all need to eat fresh organic veggies and why not plant them yourself? You save money, tastes delicious...and it is extremely salad tastes as good as the one you get from your own garden with your own herbs!

Whether you live in a small studio or have an enormous yard I have fabulous ideas and tips to help you!

The fastest and easy way is to start with you own herbs is very easy, saves you money (how much does a bunch of basil costs? and how much you use?) and allows you to just take your cooking to the next level..!

You can either plant them outside or indoors...

There are great alternative today for indoor can use a window planter, or just nice pots or even you have herbs in a bag!

The secret to great herbs is to get good planting soil (make sure is completely organic) and  water. If you want you can use fertilizers but again make sure is organic.My favorites herbs are: 
  • Basil: great for salads and pesto, 
  • Cilantro: perfect for a last minute guacamole..or a good Mexican soup!, 
  • Parsley: you can use it for so many dishes and
  • Mint: who does not like the smell of mint..and also great for just tea or a cool mojito!!!
You can plant all these herbs in one larger planter!!!
Water them regularly....herbs love water!
Source:  Basil a bag: Blue Ribbon General Store, Hanging Basket Target

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