Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick fixes for tired looking eyes

After watching the Oscars until the wee hours last night, it was inevitable that I was going to wake up with puffy tired I thought I could share a couple of my "emergency" routines when I have 5 minutes and do not want to look like I am walking around with my pillow in my face.

1. Preparation H

I use it all the time...for my eyes! It helps to tighten the skin and when applied under the eyes, it effectively reduces swollen puffy eyes. If I know I will have an important event, I put it on the nigh before and the morning of the event again. Be careful not to get any product in your eyes. (pst..I even use it on my legs and arms when I am wearing shorts..but I will deny this is ever asked.

2. White eyeliner

I have a very inexpensive Cover Girl white eyeliner...and it really works. Also, is great if you are getting pictures taken!

3. Cold Spoon

Place a spoon under running water and keep it in the fridge. When you are running out of the house....get your spoon, apply it to your eyes for 60 seconds...and you go!

4. Green Tea Bags

You can have a cup of green tea and instead of throwing the bag just place it on your will be centered, your body will be full of antioxidants..and you will have a fresh look in your eyes!!

5. Cold Cucumber Slices

This is an old time classical trick..but it still works!

Fabulous eyes in 5 minutes without spending a dime!!

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