Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Solutions for cleaner water

If you decided that you need or need to invest in some type of water filter you have different options:
1. You can invest in a water pitcher bottle that clean your water. The pros: is a relative small investment that you can implement it in your next visit to the supermarket.

2. You can install a couple of of faucet filters ( one in the kitchen..maybe one in the bathroom). The pros: a relative small investment, you make sure that the water you drink and cook with is clean and you can do it yourself.

3. You can get a whole house filter installed where your main water line enters your house. The pros: you make sure that you dink, cook and showered in clean water. The cons: a bigger investment and you need a very handy husband or you need to hire somebody to do it.

You can also research all these products on Prestine Planets.
If you are investing in organic veggies and fruits but then you washed them in water that is not chemically free you are still consuming some level of chemicals.
You don't really need to go all the way, just doing something will put you on the path of living a healthier life!

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