Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Closet Couture- A place for the fashion minded

Have you ever heard of Closet Couture? It's like a stylish Polyvore..!!

If you love fashion and like playing around with outfits, peek into other peoples choices of wardrobe & keep up to date with the latest on fashion, then you need to check Closet Couture.

What else can you do: mix and match what you already have to make new outfits, try how potential purchases look with what you already have..hire a stylist or personal shopper..and get the latest on fashion.

They are constantly featuring new stores or great interviews with fashion people (designer, stylist, etc).

Join...is Free!

This week they are featuring Malanie Fascitelly, founder of Clos-ette. Melanie is a stylist that has been helping women solve their wardrobe dilemmas.  The interview is worth reading!

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