Thursday, March 19, 2009

Decorating with Zebra Print

One print, different looks, fabulous results!

A great way to update a room today without spending too much is by adding a touch of zebra print. A simple statement piece like a pillow, a rug or a ottoman in these dramatic attention gathering print could make you room look like out of a magazine. there is no restrictions to this print you can use it in the living room, dinning area and bedroom.

By keeping your design simple and adding a touch of zebra print, you can create a sophisticated and modern look that flows easily with many other designs throughout your home.
The most important thing let your wild side go loose and have fun by adding a touch of fabulousness to your house!

[Image via DominoMag, House Beautiful, ElleDecor & Metropolitan Home]


drollgirl said...

i bought some zebra fur fabric this summer so that i could make some throw pillows. still haven't done it!!! but maybe this post is the kick in the pants i need to get it done already!

Sasha said...

Do it!! I love how a touch of zebra print bring some umph to the's like saying there is a wild side..ready to be discovered!

jen laceda said...

I love a touch of Zebra! It says "sexy" in a more subtle way than leopard prints.

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