Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Everything Fabulous has a New House!

Welcome to our new house!!

It all started a coupe of weeks ago when I saw  the painting Twilight Blue...I got so inspired by it that I contacted the talented Leigh from  jkldesing and asked her if Ms Twilight Blue could be a part of my blog...and she agreed!! I love her work so much that all the art from the blog is from her...the photography from the buttons are from her!! 

Thank you Leigh so much for your willingness to work with me and for really going above and beyond the call to make the vision I had for my blog come true.

I have never worked with such a talented artist that really puts her heart in everything she does but it is very open and willingness to change things along the way.  Make sure you visit her store at jkldesign for more on her work or you can visit her blog at CREATE to get inspired everyday with fabulous posts.  I am sure we will see much more  of Leigh's work..!!

Once we had the art project on it's way it was up to Vanessa, designer and owner of Paperback Designs to put it all together and design the blog. Her task at hand was certainly not cut out to be simple..since the art had certain dimensions that could not be changed. But Vanessa work hard and harder and never compromise her level of work to get the desire look for the blog.  

I asked Vanessa to collaborate wit this project because I liked the way  she has worked with different type of art (prints, paintings and photography) as well as her fast turn around. She also went above and beyond the call of duty..and worked extremely hard to put together a beautiful blog.

Thank you Vanessa so much for being such a trooper and working so hard and tried so many times until the desired outcome came to fruition.

Make sure you visit Vanessa at Paperback Designs to check her work, she has several ready to use templates. You can also look through her portfolio for inspiration. She can work with you in the entire development of the web page, blog or just very specific one time items you might need in your blog.

I am so grateful that I was able to work with two beautiful talented ladies that beyond everything there just are two truly fabulous human beings...what a blessing!

We are still working on the final touches so I apologize for any inconvenient.

Hope you like the new house for Everything Fabulous!!!

Let me know your comments!


Leigh said...

I LOVE It!!! So honored by your words and the use of my art on your amazing blog, Thank you!! Sasha :))))

You are fabulous!!!

Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

Love it! Leigh's work is simply awesome!
El blog layout quedó bárbaro! (Debo confesar que a veces tenía problemas para acceder con el antiguo formato)

Biba said...

Wow!!! I seriously cannot wow enough. I LOVE it, i love Leighs work and your blog is looking the best ever. Well done to the lovely ladies :) Very inspiring, think mine needs a tidy up now....

Delikatissen said...

wow!! What a surprise! It looks great Sasha!!! Me encanta, de verdad. Leigh es toda una artísta. Eres muy afortunada con su colaboración. Enhorabuena. Has conseguido darle un look al blog mucho más personal y chic. Las ilustraciones son fantásticas.

Se nota la llegada de la primavera. Todos necesitamos un cambio de vez en cuando, y la mejor época sin duda, ahora. Cuando los días se empiezan a hacer más largos y todo se impregna de luz. Renovar o morir!! Felicidades por el cambio y mucha suerte.

Un abrazo desde España


Kosmopolight said...

Oh, I just discovered your blog and I love it! Leigh did a great job with the art (I love CREATE) and your content is fabulous!
xo, Kelley

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I am glad I did. The images are great! LOVE IT!!

Darrah said...

Leigh did a fantastic job. I love the new feel of your blog! I might have to inquire her for another project.

mina. said...

I think it gives a whole new look to your FABULOUS blog...congrats Sashi and the artist Leigh!

Beautiful written all over it!


Fifi Flowers said...

It looks FABULLOUS!!!!!! LOVE that I see my name in your sidebar... I will make sure you are on my Blogs I Love to Visit List!

...love Maegan said...

isn't Leigh's work just to die for?!?!?!? Love the new layout with all of her fab images!

Sasha said...

Liegh, Carolina, Biba, Kati, Kelly, Darrah, Mina, Fifi & Megan...

Thank YOU so much for stopping by and sharing with me your thoughts on the new template..!!! and I am sooo happy you like it!! Leigh's designs are really an inspiration...I even have Ms Twilight Blue by my desk with other lovely prints...really makes me want to be Fabulous!

drollgirl said...

it looks beautiful -- i love the colors, the layout-- it is all fab!

Vanessa said...

Thanks Sasha! I love your blog. So simple and elegant. It's been a pleasure designing your blog.

We'll work on the finishing touches today.

Joy said...

So creative and beautiful - love the artwork and vision you had. Great job! Will definitely be back... :)

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

I love it, Sasha! What a fabulous and fantastic job...the quote by Coco Chanel is one of my all time favorites, too. :) Have a wonderful and blessed afternoon!

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