Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fabulous Fragrance: CREED

CREED is the world's only dynastic, privately held luxury fragrance company.

Founded in 1760 and passed from father to son since then, CREED has served more than 10 royal houses and the discerning public for 249 years. Indeed, CREED is one of the 100 oldest family businesses in the world.

The house of CREED believe the old methods of fragrance making are best, the hand methods used at the founding of CREED in 1760CREED is the industry's strongest proponent of natural ingredients in fragrance. 

I first discovered CREED when I was searching for the perfect fragrance for my wedding day, and I found it on CREED Spring Flowers. And ever since I have being using that perfume for our wedding anniversaries, date with my husband or any other special occasion that is about us.


Originally created in the mid-80's for Audrey Hepburn, and released to the public in the last few years, Spring Flower has become a favorite among Hollywood's top stars, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Nikki Taylor and Naomi Campbell, to name a few.This delicate fragrance combines a medley of fruits and florals to create a luxuriously pure scent containing peach, melon and apple, complemented with rose and jasmine notes.

It is a delightfully pink and pretty, a playful celebration of feminine energy and style. Fresh and sensual. 

My other love affair is with CREED Love in White...and it was a present  my husband gave to me for our first Christmas with Tomas, our first son.


Blended with ingredients of rare quality from five continents, Love in White includes orange zest, young iridescent rice husk, white jasmine, daffodils, magnolia, Bulgarian rose, vanilla, ambergris, and sandalwood. 

On the evening of Love In White's debut, the exterior lights of the Empire State Building radiated pure white. Love In White was the first CREED fragrance to debut in the USA as opposed to France, and the first bottle was received by the First Lady of the United States. 

The line is truly the best of the best in terms of fragrance. I love to collect different scents of perfume..but if I could afford I would be scented in CREED every day of my life!

Just stop by Neiman or Saks and try it for yourself....promise you will discover and fall in love with CREED.

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drollgirl said...

sadly CREED is also the name of one of the worst bands EVER!!! but i will have to give this a try since you recommend it!

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