Friday, March 13, 2009

Fabulous Place to Visit: Huka Lodge on New Zeland

I was introduced to this geourgeous place by my dear Claire from Haven Homes

Her blog is full of beautiful places, decor and she is always intorducing you to fabulous designers and arquitecs!

Named after the charming Irishamn who established Huka Lodge, along with its reputation for matchles hospitality, the Alan Pye Cottage was opened in December of 2008. Becoming the latest addition to the Huka Lodge Cottages family. 

The interior decor was done by Virginia Fisher (judged by Claire as renowned and fabulously talented). And, judging by the  beautiful pictures of the cottage I highly agree with her assesment.

The Cottage has two large main bedrooms that are fabulously decorated with very serene color palette and each with its own fireplace offering a highly level of comfort. 

A generous open living room features a large brick fireplace and different seating areas done in a very intimate way.

They where able to incorporate the outside color palette in the living room in a very elegant yet relaxed way..lots of greens, browns and shades of blue reflecting  the color of the outside water. 

The beautiful white kitchen is set to accommodate the Chef that will cook for you through your lovely stay at the the Lodge.

There is also a study tucked away with a desk that can also accommodate additional guests if necessary.

A heated infinity-style swimming pool and a separate private spa pool have been integrated into the outdoor landscape. There is also a fabulous stone outdoor pavilion within a courtyard garden featuring a magnificent fireplace.What a perfect place to finish a beautiful day...

Some of the guest that stayed at the Huka Lodge Cottages are Queen Beatriz of the Netherlands, Wueen Elizabeth II, Prince Edaward, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Joan Collins, Pink Floyd, Billy Cristal, Diana Ross, Michael Fox, Kate Winslet, Robin Williams and Barbara Streisand to name a few.

Thank you Claire for introducing me to just a Fabulous Place! make sure you visit her blog Heaven Homes.e Duchess of Kent


Ghada ~girlstoys said...

Hi Sasha,
Saw a link to your website on mommy bloggers and thought I'd have a look at your Green Wednesday. Was totally stoked to see your review about a lodge in "little old NZ" which is where I live at the moment. It is a beautiful lodge and I think you have done a great review.
Well done.

paula said...

wow, this place is stunning. I think I would like to move right in.

Sasha said...

Wauw, what a compliment and what a coincidence! I hope I made justice to such a beautiful place!!!! and thank you so much for posting such a nice comment!

Paula, I help you move!!

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