Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fabulous Handbag - LV Personalized Speedy 30

What better than a classical LV Speedy30? 

Your classical LV Speedy 30 with your own initialed on it.

With the Mon Monogram program, which started in late October'08, you can customize  two of their classical handbags (the Speedy 30 and Keepall Bandouliere 55).

You can choose up to three characters, the placement and type of stripes and two choices among the 16 colors ( white, cream, three shades of blue-dark, bright & turquoise-, orange, yellow-orange, yellow, three shades of green- dark, true green & minty green-, dark red, purple, gray & black).

The cost is 30-40% higher than the original. In case of the Speedy it costs $700 and with the monogram end up retailing for $975. The Keepal is $1,270 and  $1,640 with your own initials.

“(The Speedy) is so extremely popular but this makes yours very different,” said store director Bill Peters. “It’s taking an icon and making it individual.”

The service usually takes from 4-to-8 weeks and it's available in certain stores around the country.

If you have in your plans investing in a classical bag that will last for years to come I say go for one that it is yours..and unique (in a way!).
Remember when buying a bag what really counts is the cost-per-use.

[Image via Style.com, JetsetSocialite.com & DeLuxe]

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