Monday, March 9, 2009

Fall 2009 Versace Ready-to-Wear

Donatella Versace presented last week her Ready-to-Wear collection for Fall 2009 in Milan.

Although, there was nothing extravagant or new  in the collection I think she presented a very classical & chic (if you can call Versace classical?)..She choose mainly dark metallic colors (cobalt, midnight blue, black,etc) with a couple of neon touches in the dresses.

Here it is for you to judge....

Super-skinny cargo pants with the classical bike jacket..I particular like the one shoulder top (!!) All black has always worked for me..maybe I feel more attracted to spring colors right now...but come fall I might fall for it again.

Very classical dresses...Nothing new but something I feel I can totally wear..(now I just need to get invited to a Fab party!!)

The only bright colors presented (beside the red dress above) the pink and orange..I think we are going to start seeing much more of this color!!

My favourite dress of the collection is the last one..the nude beaded gown! 

The red dress I think is to-die-for..very ethereal line yet with a strong the sensual cut of the dress....nothing like showing a little bit of leg!

So, your verdict??

There is not that many things you can take home to get inspired with your closet..I guess my picks are: color palette, silver belt, one shoulder top with belt..!!

What are you taking home from the collection?

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