Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Green Wednesday - The Eco-Luxe Way to Wrap a Present

I have been looking for creative ways for greening my presents. After recycling (re-gifting) some of the bags I received my presents on I started given my presents in eco-friendly tote bags. I was happy from the sense that I was taking care of the environment and also given something that was practical and could be use over and over again (reuse!).

But to be honest they where the most looking presents…just a thing inside a bag that sometimes were too big for the present.

That is the reason that I love this great idea from Bobo Wrapping Scarf…!! So simple and if you get a great scarf it can really make for something that could be use over and over!

Now, my presents will be ready to get back on the game with this new way of wrapping!

You can visit Bobo Wrapping Scarf or for more great how to videos you can go to You Tube and learn to warps bottles, different techniques and much more!

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