Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Green Wednesday: Store Spotlight - Green is Black

I like to feature every Wednesday at least one or two new stores and designers that can help us green our outfits. 

Today, I was happy to stumble upon Green is Black and I was extremely captured by what they stand for and their support to up and coming new designers. 

Green is Black is a company that retails women's and men's green clothing, eco clothing, and accessories created by cutting edge designers who use hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, and soy, as well as reclaimed, recycled and vintage material.

Here are some of the clothes I love from them.

Overall, their prices are reasonable if compared to non organic clothes. The ruffle dress is around $80..not bad.

Green is Black only deal with manufacturers who employee fairly paid labour practice.

Hope you like it!!


mina. said...

beautiful high waisted skirt!

Sasha said...

I know I loved it when I saw it!! very sexy!

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