Monday, March 23, 2009

Have you heard about Shoe Dazzle?

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ShoeDazzle is a monthly membership society Where every month, for  $39, you will receive a pair of shoes. The shoes are handpicked for you by their fashion experts. There is no obligation to purchase shoes once you register, and you are charged only after you choose your first pair of shoes. In any month, you may choose to "Skip This Month" in your account section.

I wanted to check a little bit more what is was all about and here is what I found:

1. Take the fashion Survey- it literally takes less than 5 minutes.
2. Based on your survey results, fashion experts provide you with  a choice of 5 fashionable shoes each month., from witch you choose one shoes to be shipped to you.
3.  They provide free shipping. If you don't like  your monthly selection you can ship them back.  

Some of their shoes selection:

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You have Kim Kardashian, Merika Rock & Michael Bassolino behind the expert panel.

I personally think is a good service if you want to have a  new great pair of shoes each month without spending any time shopping. 

I am curious to see exactly what pair of shoes you get..very important is quality in shoes!! Unfortunately, when it comes to shopping, shoes-shopping is something I am not willing to give up yet..

How about you?

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Emily said...

Holy smokes, not that I could ever convince my husband that this would be a need for our budget, but this is fabulous! We've been wine of the month members, but this tops it! .... well, maybe, I mean it's wine! Shoes, wine, shoes, wine, what's a girls to choose? -e

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