Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Homeopathy- The way to treat your family!

For the last two years I have been treating my family with Homeopathy. I always had a gut aversion against filling the body with medicine...I always felt that with traditional medicine you are fixing one thing and hurting the you where breaking the natural balance of the body. 

Overall, I am not a lover of traditional medicine..I feel is reactive, instead of preventive, drastic, does not handle the body as a whole (emotional & physical being) and does not really treat the cause, most of the time just try to stop the result..

I started my love affair with Homeopathy out of necessity because my 2 years old was very sick and I was stopping at nothing trying to look for ways to treat him..

So I stumble upon it...and the love affair began...I was very lucky that my first appointment with a Homeopathic specialist was with one of the Authorities in homeopathy..but I truly did not know this at the time.

So, what is homeopathy?
Is an exceptionally safe form of medicine that treats the individual as a whole. It relies for it's effects int the body's own power of self healing  and self- regulations.  A homeopathic remedy is one that produces the same symptoms as those the sick person complains of, and in doing so sharply provokes the body into throwing them off. (Like may be cured by like.)

Homeopathy believes that every person is different so they do not have one solutions fits all (as traditional medicine does).

You can basically treat a condition or simply go after a certain symptom. Like for example, if  you have insomnia you can go through a treatment where you will go through maybe different remedies at different potencies. Or you can just treat a bump for one of your kids.

Why do I love Homeopathy so much?

Very simple, it is a natural remedy that  it really has no side effect ( unless you overdose on the medicine that is trying to cure a sympton, that the side efect then is more sof the symptoms you are trying to avoid). 
You can treat the basic family alignments on the spot without having to go to the doctor with 12 basic remedies..that by the way are much cheaper than traditional medicine...and the results are in certain instances even better and faster than allopathy medicine.

What can you do?

First I suggest that you read a little bit more about homeopathy to see it is something you want to pursue further. I will do another posts on my books on Homeopathy reviews plus links and resources.

Then, I would try to get a consultation with a Homeopathic specialist. When you do meet work to treat any alignment but also have him/her give you the basic kit that he recommends to treat your family ( flu, stomach ache, diarrhea, bumps & bruises,etc)

If you do not want to wait until you meeting with a specialist you can start by buying a couple of medicine at your local Whole Food Store or any other natural remedy center and get the essentials, and see for yourself how it works.

My recommendations are:

* for bruises and bumps: ARNICA, you can buy it as a cream and as tablets or pallets. I even take it when my lower back hurts.

* for temperature: BELLADONA30C  three  pallets every twenty minutes..until you see it coming down. This works beautiful in kids because you actually see a very gentle way that the body works.

* for nervousness & irritability (particularity in kids): Chamomila 30C, three palettes one time.

* for menstrual issues (pain): LACHESIS works. Three to five palettes every hour until it starts working.

*for throwtache: Mercurius 30C, three pallets every 20 minutes until you see improvements.

*for bronchial cough: Bryona 30C, three to five palettes every hour for a day.

The way you take the pallets is tow put them under your tongue (avoid touching them with you hands) and just have them dilute in your mouth. (Kids love them..because they are a little bit sweet). Also, do not taking before or after eating..

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and my recommendation is based on the way I have been treating my family based on my Homeopathy doctor suggestions.

My love affair started when I saw for myself the results on my kids when treated with give it a try, and see it for yourself! I promise you wont regret it!

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Michael said...

"I always had a gut aversion against filling the body with medicine..."

Good thing you settled on homeopathy then, pure water, alcohol, or sugar, no medicines!

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