Friday, March 6, 2009

Inspirational Words by the Fabulous Diane Von Furstenberg

One of the things I treasure the most in life is when women inspire each other to go the extra mile, to reinvent ourselves, to overcome our help us find our own voice!

Diane Von Furstenberg has been through ups and downs but you always got a strong sense of her matter what she was going though (divorce, cancer, almost bankruptcy,etc) her essence was able to raise above it very glamorous yet real way!

Nobody better than herself  to explain her secret behind her success in life....

I wanted to be a woman with a man’s life in a woman’s body. It’s not like I grew up to be a fashion designer. What I wanted to be was a certain type of a woman. I wanted to have the advantage of a man and the advantage of a woman. Things don’t happen in spite of you. Or if they do, they don’t last. So I think you have to want to be a success. It’s a lot of work and it’s a lot of perseverance.

It’s all about attitude. It always will be. Even though I was pregnant, even though I came into a new town, even  though I knew nothing, I started to work. I was determined. I went to see Diana Vreeland. It all happened really quickly. I had the right product at the right time, which is why I feel so strongly about protecting design and designers and why I am making it my mission to get the Design Piracy Prohibition Act passed.

Work, like life, is all about instinct. Now that I have experience I do pretty much the same thing I would have done before, but I have less fear because I am more secure. My other most important asset is judgment; it’s key to everything, especially hiring someone.

A man once told me, and his grandmother told him, “You can lose everything in life, you can lose your health, your wealth, you  can lose your partner, your child, you can lose your job. What you never lose is your character.” Life is all about the relationship you have with yourself. If I did one thing right in my life, it’s that very early on I became my best friend.

It sounds so effortless yet you know there is pure determination and hard work behind those words.. 

To keep getting inspired by Diane on a daily basis you can check her blog here where you can even take a pick at her diary!

To read more of the interview visit WSJ.

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