Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jewlery Trend: Chunky Necklace Top Picks

One of the "it" accessory of the season is the chunky necklace. As we've seen here, you can pretty much pair it with anything, dress, white blouse, t-shirt and even a fab swimsuit....!

It has the ability of making a very simple outfit look fantastic, such as a t-shirt with neutral high heels, skinny jeans and one of this necklaces

Here are my picks for spring:

VIVRE-Santa Fe Necklace $ 1550

Net-a-Porter Kara by Kara Moss $1000

Banana Republic-Garden Statement Necklace $150

JCrew-Jeweled Palm Leaf Necklace $175

Saks-Ranjana  Khan $1200

Banana Republic- Bold Bib Necklace $ 69

ViVRE-Quartz & Jade Necklace $850

Net-a-Porter- Tom Binns Crystal Necklace $2670

I think they are to-die-for! 

If you could have anything which one would you choose?


drollgirl said...

i love big necklaces! i have many and hope to get more! sadly i can't afford the vivre or net-a-porter fab finds. I WISH.

Darrah said...

I need some more chunky jewelry. I decided that since I have short hair, I need more jewelry.

Everything Fabulous said...

I day we can never have enough chunky necklaces..!!!
Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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