Friday, March 6, 2009

Just Arrived: The Chanel Spring-Summer 2009 Collection

Even though the collection was presented last October in Paris it is now available nationwide.

What I love of this season's collection from Chanel is that you can get great inspiration for your day to day wardrobe! 

The color palette is mainly black and white with a couple of infusion of gray and soft pink. Ribbons, a classical Chanel choice, are applied in a very feminine way higher than the waist but not creating the typical pregnant look so not flattering at all. I love how they use the big chunky necklaces through out the collection.. I think I am going to spend the entire summer with plain white T-shirts and chunky necklaces.  I even like the all black outfit with white shoes...although I always have my reservations with white shoes ( you are a step away from a cheese outfit). Although I don't see myself with big flamenco skirts walking down the street I can see myself in a skirt used below the waist!

Do you like it? 

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drollgirl said...

oh chanel. they are beautiful on models and runways, but i don't think they would look so hot on me. but, like you, i think it is fun to take ideas from the great designers and make it work for ourselves (at a reasonable price).

maybe someday i will own a chanel piece. maybe!

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