Monday, March 16, 2009

Kitchen of the Month by Nathan Egan Interiors

The Kitchen of the Month is this beautiful kitchen designed by Nathan Egan Interiors.Overall, is is a very fresh kitchen with a very simple open space design.

The open entrance to the kitchen it has been framed beautifully making just the view of the kitchen part of the decor.

The interior of the mirrors cabinets, done all in white, does not distract the eye from the subtle color splashes of green and yellow displayed around the kitchen.

Such a bright breakfast done in beautiful colors complement the whitens of the kitchen.

I personally love the concept of Nathan Egan Interiors, launched by designers Wayne Nathan and Carol Egan in 2000, inspiring, "uptown clients with downtown ideas'. I personally think they did accomplished their motto in this kitchen.


Blair said...

Oh, I adore this kitchen! So bright and open. I love those chairs and now absolutely want to have a topiary or two in my own kitchen!

mina. said...

The chairs are great!!! Love them

Sasha said...

Blair & Mina,

Isn't it just adorable...such a simple yet elegant and fresh!!! It is going to be hard to top it off for next Kitchen of the Month!

Hope you are having a great Day!

paula said...

what fabulous spaces. I love them all.

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