Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Trend- Band Jacket

You know a fashion trend has taken on when it's able to transcend from the fashion runaway to the music, to the streets and even to EBay (!)..

Who can forget  Cold Play at the Grammys with those colorful band jackets that remind us of the Beatles?

What I like about this trend is the fact that it is very easy chic, just jeans and a top plus the jacket and some high heels  and voila..! great outfit for a night out in the city! 

You can go all the way and choose a very over embellished or just a simple jacket with a touch of the insignias...

1. Balmain'09,
2. Philip 3.1,
3. Cold Paly
4. Ebay
5. Balmain'09,
6. Jessica Simpson for Nordstom

Do you like it? Can you picture yourself wearing the Jacket?

1 comment:

Hayley Kathryn Designs said...

These are so trendy! I love how they can make any casual outfit look so edgy..

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