Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Toxic Hair Color- A Must Read for Anybody that Dyes her Hair

Who doesn't love great looking hair? but who likes to fill their bodies with chemicals? Many of the most toxic chemicals are found in regular hair dye. The problem is that since they work so good we really do not want to hear about other options.

Who is willing to "try" a new hair product that we know nothing about and risk the outcome?? Not many. That's the problem, but let me tell you what solutions we have.

I really started thinking about hair dye when pregnant with my is it that while you are carrying a baby you can not use any toxic (regular) hair product because the chemicals are strong enough to trespass the placenta, but once we have our baby we can go back to using really toxic product on our hair? It just doesn't add up.

What is important to remember " there is no safe level of exposure with some of the monstrous chemicals that are found in hair dyes and colorings; even once can be too much".

Some of the common ingredients you can find in your hair dye today are:

* ammonia: link to severe skin and lung irritation.

* benzene: it damages the central nervous system and the immune system and has been linked to reproductive and developmental issues.

* coal tar: it's used in dark-colored dyes primarily. It's a known carcinogen that is toxic to the environment.

* lead acetate: it's highly toxic. Has been linked to carcinogens tumors. It also damages the central nervous system.

* p_Phenylenediamine: it is absorb through the skin and via inhalation. It's a carcinogenic substance that has been strongly link with cancer, specially of the breast and bladder.

* Toluene: is toxic and an irritant. It's been shown to be mutagenic, causing genetic changes that can with use cause cancer.

Be aware that depends on the regulations of the country you live in the companies might not be forced to disclaim all the components of their product. For example, Europe has much stricter rules that what the FDA demands from companies in the US.

Having fabulous hair shouldn't be at a price where we fill ou bodies with chemicals. Here are some of the things we can do:

1. Dye less frequently, stretching out the time between color processing.

2. Choose safe coloring products. Some companies you can try are:
* Tints of Nature : wonderful line that has massive color palette.
* Aveda: Products are natural derived from plants.
* Avea : if buying in Europe
* EcoColors: Is not all the way non-toxic but it is the closer to our regular hair dye.

3. Do less- Intensive processing: when you highlight your hair you do not get product absorbed through your scalp ( what is recommended when you are pregnant).

4. Find a Hair Salon that work with natural non-toxic hair dyes.

Give it a try you wont be disappointed!


drollgirl said...

uh oh. i have no idea if the stuff on my hair is safe. will have to ask the stylist what they are putting on me!!!

Sasha said...

I know you have a long drive for you hair appointment ;) please make sure she uses non-toxic products..I feel very strong about this one...! and if she doesn't maybe is time then to find somebody closer and greener!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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