Monday, March 30, 2009

Trend: Gaucho Chic

"Argentine is hot, hot, hot, and so are clothes that evoke its colorful cowboy culture...." as seen in Oprah' Magazine.....and who am I to argue withOprah...much to the contrary I couldn't agree more with this statment.

Even though Argentina is well known for the tango or the famous song "Don't cry for me Argentina", there is a Gaucho culture that is where we gather most of our cultural traits, such as the "mate" - a traditional tea that you drink  with a straw, or the "empanadas" and even our passion for polo..!! 

The Gauchos are the South America equivalent of the cowboys- with their trademark berets and neck scarves. Las Pamapas, is the region surrounding Buenos Aires that is known for vast Estancias and ranches that are the true land of the gauchos.

Inspired by Oprah's article in this months magazine I wanted to share different Gaucho Chic ways you can dress up this Spring.

Riding into the Sunset


The "bombachas" or gaucho pants are long and slouchy, with a buttoned cuff at the ankle ( to prevent the pant from riding up when riding a horse). If you use it never buttoned the cuff, just leave it open. Bombachas are great pants to show a good "derriere" they are tied at the right places and if you have a little tummy nobody will ever guess. the typical gaucho pants are worn with alpargatas..but if you want to look taller and slimmer go with tall boots or you can match them with some spring sandals.

1. Chloe Poplin Shirt $ 695
2. Gaucho Clothes Texano Hat $ 52
3. Banana Republic Silk Blouse $ 39.99
4. Argentine Polo  Belt (Faja) $ 20
5. Ralph Lauren Cotton gaucho Pants $ 798
6. Argentine Polo "Bombachas" $ 70
7. Toms "Alpargatas" Hunter Green $ 44

Road to Romance


There is something very sexy in a ladylike way when you dress in a fitted long skirt and a silky ruffle reminds me of the old times. Don't worry about using a lot of makeup..just some color on your chicks and a neutral shade on your lips and you are ready to go.

1. Az-Tex Hats Fedora $ 49.99
2. BCBG Ruffle Top $ 138
3. Patagonia Gift Celtic Leather Chockr $ 76
4. Intermix Silk Charmeuse Raffle Cami $ 155
5. Ariat Belt $ 55
6. ArdenB Knit Maxi Skirt $ 38
7. Newport News Stud-Trim Suede Skirt $ 59.99
8. Nine West Gabble $ 139
9. Nine West Ucan $ 159

or for the original look you can visit Costello Tagliapietra.

Polo Game


Polo play a big part in the Argentine culture, and even though you might not be going to a polo game there is nothing sexier than a woman dress in riding pants. Actually, you usually do  not wear riding pants when you go to  polo games.
The only issue with riding pants they really don't forgive condition is a must when you using them. If you are wearing a sandy shade, avoid any cellulite mark by using  tan tides under it.
I love this sexy and feminine.

1.  Jones New York Chain Link Shirt $ 59
2. & 3. Patagonia Gift Silver Bracelets
4. Ariat Belt $ 42
5. Santana Robyn Boots $ 208.96
6. Ralph Lauren Hudson Suede-Patch Jodhpur $ 298
7. Ralph Lauren Kempton Flat Tote $ 595

Spendora in the Grassland


Even though it has a folklore theme to it, I think you can easily show up at a Spring Sunday barbecue in this look. There is something very romantic and fresh sbout this outfit...without it being to risky.

1. Charlotte Russe embroided Blouse $ 21.99
2. Forever21 Peasant Top $ 22.80
3. Ariat Belt  $ 55
4. Guess  Dusty Boots $ 106.54
5. Coutoure Candy Pleated Skirt in White $ 190
6. Patagonia Gift Celtic Bracelet $ 59

Boho in Bloom


How sexy and femenine is this dress? and pairing it up with this spring galdiator sandal...!! A must look for this spring season!

1. Anna Sui Calico Dress $ 484
2. Patagonia Gift Celtic Choker $ 74
3. Patagonia Gift Celtic Bracelet $ 65
4. Nine West Usman Gladiator $ 89

Love to see how cultural items such as "alpargatas" trespass the cultural birthplace  and can be seen walking down the street in Madrid or Hollywood..and even though Gaucho Chic can be perceived  as a seasonal trend I personally think that there is a timeless element to this looks..

So are you going to jump in the Gaucho Chic wagon?

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