Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Restaurants in white from around the world

I love restaurants with character..specially the ones that have a fabulous decor and style!
And as you may know already I have an eye for white in decor (although lately  after these and these posts I am starting to be as attracted to decor in black and dark purple). 
Anyway..if you travel to any of this beautiful cities make sure you stop by these fabulous restaurant with white decor!

Terrazas del Casino Madrid-Spain

El Bistro- Alaen Faena Universe- Buenos Aires, Argentina

Eve- Chicago, IL USA

Comme Ca- West Hollywood, Ca USA

Blue Sea Restaurant-Delano Hotel- Miami, FL  USA

If you know of any other hotel with white decor around the world I would love to hear about it.

[Image via Elle Decor, FLickr & Other that I don't remember, sorry]

1 comment:

Carlotta said...

love the comme ca!!

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