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I love to have visitors feel welcome and at home when visiting our family.Making this extra effort says to them, "You are important to me." And that is the nicest thing you can give your guests. That's why I love the detail Carolyne pays when preparing a guest room.

The blue and white Italian pillow sham off-sets the Carafe. An unexpected orchid stands tall in a mint julep cup from India. A hot water bottle in a piqué fabric offers guests a comfortable companion. Embroidered hand towels and mints in a sterling shell add a personal touch to the collection.

Stationary with a Weatherstone logo allows your guests to re-count their leisurely experience while the French clock awakes them for a new day.
I love how just by having pencils be all the same adds a certain sophistication to the setting.

Keep reading for fabulous tips on how to pamper your guests and a great check list.

English bottled water by Hildon on silver plate tray.Sterling silver Victorian bud vase and personalized stationary.

The Bed

* Take the time to do a little ironing. At the very least, press pillowcases and the fold-over hem of the top sheet. A good trick is to pull sheets out of the dryer when they are still a bit damp. Put them on the bed and then press them right on the mattress.
* A variety of good pillows is essential. Keep on hand soft, regular and firm as well as non allergenic pillows for anyone who can't use feathers or down.

Carolyne Roehm provides a carafe of water, a tissue packet enclosed in extra fabric from the room's decor, French and Portuguese hand towels, and a notepad along with a sterling silver pen. French orange blossom water is for ironing linens before guests arrive.

The Closet

*  Guests deserve to be given sufficient closet space for their clothes. Out-of-season apparel and the kids' stuff can be moved out, even if only temporarily. And more than one drawer in a chest may need to be cleared out, too. 
* Toss any wire hangers in the trash. Or else return the hangers to the dry cleaner so they can be recycled.
* Use matching hangers. Plain white plastic ones are fine if you prefer not to invest in the pricier wooden or fabric versions. Be sure to include a few soft hangers for knits as well as hangers designed for skirts and pants.
* I use leftover fabric from the room to cover shelves in the closet. This creates a nice place to stack sweaters, and I like the way it matches the decor.
* Use neutral room fragrances--like cedar or lavender--to keep a room or especially a closet smelling fresh.
* Have a luggage rack available. Luggage is dirty because of the airlines and airports, and definitely does not belong on the bed.

Headache pills, skin cream and toothpaste on silver plate tray. Fabric-covered, padded hangers. Rowenta steam iron. Sewing notions.

The Bath

* Fresh soap for each guest is a must. Buy small guest soaps and toss them after each visit.
* A pair of terry robes in each guest bath will be appreciated. I find that guests use them.
* A mini hair dryer and a magnifying mirror for applying cosmetics will make guests feel more at home.
* Check the shower curtain liners for mold to make sure that a science project is not forming on the liner. Change as necessary.
* Keep toiletries stocked for anyone who may have forgotten something essential such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, Advil, aspirin, Band-Aids, an emery board, disposable razors, lotion, tweezers, shampoo, hair conditioner, small scissors and a sewing kit. Guest-size items can be found at large discount stores.

Orchids in a silver cachepot. Porcelain and tole lily-of-the-valley flowers in French terra-cotta pot, sit next to a tortoise shell framed alarm clock. Dior pitcher. Pillowcase from Paris.


* Fresh flowers are my signature. In spring and summer, the flowers are from the garden. In colder months, I use flowering plants and ferns.
* Keep good reading lights next to the bed. If lamps that match your decor are not adequate, stow a personal light, like the Itty Bitty Book Light, in a night table.
* An alarm clock is essential.
* I keep a small flashlight in the room in case of the occasional power outage.
* A small selection of books and magazines is a must.
* A nice throw wards off a chill for an afternoon siesta.
* Your personalized stationery is a lovely touch.
* Along with notepads near the phone, keep nice pencils on hand rather than a hodgepodge of strays from a catchall drawer.
* A scented candle--nothing too sweet or over- powering--freshens a room. Remember: Scent is very subjective.
* Provide a basket of washed fruit and a covered plate of pretty cookies.
* Bottled water or a carafe with a cup on top is a must.

It might seem like a lot but actually once you cover the basic like cleaning the closets etc it just takes maybe 20 minutes  the night before they arrive and you are ready to go...and how fabulous is to visit somebody and feel treasured in a special way.

I would love to know if there is anything else or additional that you do to get ready for your guests.

[Source & Image via Veranda]

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