Thursday, April 30, 2009


Inspired a little bit by my granny-a beautiful and fabulous woman, who always loved this kind of prints. And a little bit by nowadays fashion, I want to share with you today wonderful and chic items with polka dots.
I always thought that this print was difficult to carry. But with time, I´ve learned that there is nothing difficult if you really want to do it and you really mean it.(Obviously there is so much more meaning in this that only wearing polka dots!).

From left to right:
*Fendi, Polka dot tank dress $918
*Top Shop, Polka Dot Legging $40.00
*Marc Jacobs, Chain detail dress $995
*Michael Kors, Polka dot silk skirt $1,495

So, with a bit of attitude and fabulousness, dare to impress and do the polka dance!


Anonymous said...

yeayy for grannies!
i love polka dots, specially for summer. great inspiration, as always, uhhh sexy leggings.

drollgirl said...

these are so cute. i could probably pull of a smaller polka dot, i think. but kudos to those that are more brave than me!

Anonymous said...

I wish MY granny was as fashion as MINA's! All I could inherit from her was a pair of pink slippers! I can buy that gorgeous Michael Kors skirt and pretend i got it from my granny!
hope seeing more soon,

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