Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Lady Fashion Style on her first visit to the UK

Barack and Michelle Obama landed this morning in the UK for their first official visit prior to the economical summit G20. 

True to her style, Michelle Obama landed in a yellow dress by the American designer Jason Wu.

"I am really pleased she chose to wear the yellow dress," Wu told GMTV this morning. "It is so summery and optimistic. I love the way she has styled it as well; with the coat over the top and belted. I love that she makes each dress her own with her own styling."

The Obamas begun their day today with breakfast at Downing Street, where Michelle arrived sporting a mint green skirt and embellished cream cardigan rumoured to be from one of her favourite store,  J Crew.

For the private audience with Her Majesty the Queen, Michelle Obama chose an impeccable outfit in black and white. Still not know the designer yet.

I love her sense of style.  It is classy but very modern. I am eager to see what will she be using next?
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♥Aubrey said...

I like that we have a First Lady who is VERY much into fashion. It's about time!!! Bright colors and bold choices create talk. Isn't she great?

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