Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Green Wednesday: Jump Start Kit to go Green

If you are ready to take the plunge, give Jumpstart Kit a try. It contains everything you need to go green.

You have three different kits:
* The spring Cleaning, 
* The essential kit and 
* The Complete Kit. 
And they range from $39 to 89 each.

Some of the essential items they contains are: Compact Fluorescent bulbs, Reusable Grocery bags, Shower timer, Power trip. 

Keep reading to get a complete list of what you can find in the kit.

The complete Guide Includes:
Included in the kit up for grabs is:
* 4 best-on-the-market compact fluorescent bulbs (75w equiv)
* 1 zip-top insulated grocery bag
* 1 Klean Kanteen™ water bottle
* 1 toilet tank bank
* 1 shower timer
* 3 Euro Sponge cloths
* 1 junk mail reducer kit: 4 stamped, addressed envelopes and forms
* 1 Guide to Green: 6 laminated pages brilliantly organized for easy use
* 1 Jumpstart Tracker: track your bills, waste and progress
* 5 clever around-the-house reminders
* 1 car static sticker to subtly encourage your friends to jumpstart their green living
* 1 Smart Strip™ power strip
* 1 refrigerator thermometer
* 1 hot water temperature card
* 1 additional zip-top insulated grocery bag

I love the tracking tool that come with a dry eraser pen that attaches to your fridge and allows you to keep track of you energy bills, weekly trash output and your everyday green progress.


paula said...

Now this is cool.

Sasha said...

I am glad you like Paula!! I think is great to "jumpstart.." ;)..even the name make senses.

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