Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gweneth Paltrow makes you reconsider the Jumpsuit and other looks plus her Ebay Store

I haven't being a fan of Jumpsuits but this look from Gweneth Paltrow might make me reconsider it.

She has en Ebay Store through her newsletter /blog Goop where she is auctioning fabulous clothes. All proceeds will go to the Robin Hood Foundation. Robin Hood finds, funds and creates programs and schools that generate measurable outcomes for New Yorkers battling educational failure, joblessness, teen pregnancy, abuse, AIDS, hunger, homelessness and more. Check her GOOP’s eBay store.

I love the white dress...I can not get my eyes of it.

Keep reading to see other outfits from Gweneth Paltrow.

To get Gweneth Paltrow newsletter you can visit Goop to subscribe.

1 comment:

drollgirl said...

usually i hate the pantsuit thing, but i sure like the black one on the top left! fab!!!

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