Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh my Black Shoes! by Mina

Black shoes are a MUST in every fabulous woman's closet. There is nothing more clasic, chic and fashionable than black shoes!

Today we present hot new black shoes to add to your wardrobe. 

1. Alexander McQueen, Heart peep-toe pumps - $835  
2. Urban Outifitters, Deena and Ozzy Strapped Heel - $78
3. Christian Louboutin, Robot 120 Ankle Boots - $1295 
4. Urban Outfitters, We Who See Canvas Wrap Edge - $128 
5. Givenchy, Crossed Strapped Sandals - $ 1160  (looove them!!)

Don´t forget to use them with style! And rock them! 

Live Fabulous, Mina!


Sasha said...

Mina, This post is F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!
thank you so much for your contribution to Everything Fabulous!

drollgirl said...

praise the lowered, i like the affordable wedges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they are all gorgeous but my feet frown on stilleto heels. not very girly of me, i know. but if i was playing sex kitten for the night, i'd go iwth the mcqueen, louboutin or givenchy in a heartbeat.

i think i have at least 20 pairs of black shoes and boots! they are must haves for sure!

super pics. super post. :)

mina. said...

Thank You Sashi and Drollgirl for your LOVELY comments!

I was inspired by my fanatism with shoes and black! I think I could never get enough of them.

Thanks again!

Leigh said...

Oh yes adore!! My closet will tell you the same, I cannot get enough of my black shoes. :)

Christine Hueber said...

I love my Christian Louboutin black stilettos I bought in Paris at his boutique. They also look appropriate and are amazingly comfortable! They're the best I've found so far and sooooo worth it!

Christine Hueber

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