Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Award Time!

Waww...Last week I was given and award by the lovely Fabulous Florida Mommy! Thank you so much! getting an award is fab but from somebody like you even better!!!

So, here are the instructions:
1. List seven things that make me awe-summm!!!
2. Pass the award on to seven bloggers, I read religiously.
3. Tag those 7 bloggers.
4. Don't forget to link the Queen that tagged us.
5. Copy the pic and put it into your sidebar.

So here are my 7 Awe-Summm things (which I am also interpreting as 7 random things about me):

1. I declined a VP position in corporate America to stay at home and raise my kids...As if quitting my job at that point wasn't hard enough I then had another company offered me VP  for Latin America...I felt I was being tested on my decision!
2. Being a stay at home mom is the most difficult /challenging and rewarding job I had ever done! It did not come naturally to me but I embraced it with all my heart!
3. I have been cutting magazines with fashion/ tips/ recipes/ places to travel since I can remmeber ( at leat 7 or 8 years old) ..My grandma used to collect Hola from Spain (the Spanish hello) and I guess that's where it all started!
4. I am so proud of my group of girlfriends... I treasure friendship and friends a lot! I could not have made it without all my friends...and is one of the things that makes me really proud when I look at my friends and realize that some of them have been around since I was 4 years old...they are spread all over the world....and they feel my life with love, hugs and compliments...they are my best mirror...specially in those days that I need a pick me up!
5. When I was 15 I lived in Idaho for 6 months...yeap I am potato girl!
6. When my son was 3 months old he was diagnosed with hypothonia after a bad reaction to the vaccines and they told me that he might not walk until he was 2 years old maybe...clinically he showed a lot of signs of autism...but I put the battle of my life...I travel, read, study, I did everything my motherly instinct told me...Mateo walked when he was 11 months old...and last week he was clinically and developmentally out of any and all risks...as the therapist told me.."Mommy you did good..case closed..he is free!!!!!!!!!
7. Even though I don't hold it against me...I love to be as fabulous as possible, as a mother, wife, friend, host, citizen...I hold a high standard for myself and I would not have it any other way!!!

wuawww I really do not like talking about me..but once I started....OMG maybe I got to personal..maybe i open a up a little bit!! If anything I have learned that there is no limit in life to what we want to accomplish....

Here are some of the blog that inspire me to be live a fabulous life....
A cup of Jo, the one inspirational blog to visit...from fashion, to photography, to gifts...and she is so down to earth..like a good friend!
Frou Frou Fahionista, makes you fell feminine and glamorous
Folie a Deux, her pictures makes you travel the world..
My Way, just a fun fabulous girl!!
Drollgirl, if you want to laugh, be surprised, challenge your view..plus she is just a nice woman!
Under the sheets~shhhh, love her writing..when I read her blog I feel like I am drinking good wine sitting in a kitchen with and old time friend!
Chic report, it" s="" just="" chic!!!="">
Made by Girl, extremely inspirational..great artist!
All the best, for all the best in everything...food, decor, design...! She has introduce me to so many fabulous artist...!
Vintage & Chic, great inspiration if you like vintage!!
Red Carpet Fashion Awards, if you like reading who wore what on the red carpet!

ohh well I might have bended the rule a little bit..but if it was for me I could have keep going...there are so many fabulous bloggers that inspire me!!!

Well darlings...I feel a little bit expose sharing ...but here it goes!
Thank you FFM for the award...you are fabulous!!!


Joanna Goddard said...

thank you so much! this made my morning :) i love your list -- especially the first two, so interesting and wonderful!

Laura said...

I loved reading about you and your fabulousness. I am so happy to hear about your son't battle and triumph. I know that your positivity and strength helped him pull through.

And last but not least thank you for my lovely award. You are so sweet and I will have my post up this week.

Leslie said...

Wow! Took courage to say no to those jobs, and you should be honored for it! No matter what we decide as women - stay at home, go to work - it's never an easy choice, especially when your career seemed to catapult to more success. Glad you got recognition with this Queen award!

ALL THE BEST said...

Awwww thank you!

Vintage+Chic said...

Guau.... ¡QUÉ SORPRESA!! I love this award for many reasons: who is giving it to me (I'm addicted to your blog) and the amazing blogs in the list. I'm so flattered!!!

(yo también soy una mujer que ha apostado temporalmente por sus hijos y dejado detrás cosas más "banales" como un buen puesto de trabajo y cosas del estilo...;))

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

aww, thank you, thank you!! we're so excited, especially since we love your blog too!

drollgirl said...

it is so nice to read about YOU!!! it is great to get to know you a little better, and you totally deserve this award. you are fabulous, and so is your blog.

and thank you for passing it on to me. you make me blush. and i just want to give you a hug. :)

Carlotta said...

congrats you deserve it as I told you before I'm addicted to your blog , I'm so glad that your son is ok you're a fabulous mom!!tnx for the award I'll post it tomorrow I'm so honored :)))

jen laceda said...

Thank you for the award! Wow! Rejected 2 VP positions? Son diagnosed with hypothonia? And still be fab? You deserve many, many awards!

Sasha said...

wuaawww it was a little bit hard openning up but the response blew me away..thank you so much ALL for your response..and words!! I'll treasure them in a special place! Blogging has been a window to let my likes/thoughts out there..but meeting and getting to know each one of you it has been a blessing!!!! From the bottom of my heart..thank you!!

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