Thursday, May 7, 2009

Book Review - Clean Body, The humble art of zen-cleansing yourself

If you are interested in learning how to stop using chemicals and start using natural ways of cleaning your body then this is a great book to start. Through very simple and non-toxic recipes this book teaches you how to make your hair shine, moisturize your body, have whiter teeth, and tons of ways on how to have a fabulous complexion..this book will teach you how to get all this done using only five pure elements. Did you know that 89% of of all cosmetic products have not undergone safety testing? Scary isn't it? That's why I was so happy that I got this book in my hands. It is written is a very witty way that it makes for an interesting read.

As soon as you open it you get the Handy Recipe Index done in a very fabulous easy-to read the practicality of it. You can basically just jump the topic you are interested and check the product you will need. 

"Clean Body is not just a bodily hygiene; it's a philosophy, a mindset, and an alternative to mass consumerism...In zen teaching, our mind and the universe are one and our thoughts and actions meld into realities. In Zen-cleansing, the goal is for us to come face-to-face with ourselves during any chore we take on."

I started incorporating natural products in my house and sometimes with my body but I was not aware of all the different things you can do with just a few products..and I love the idea that you have a piece of mind by using non-toxic elements but also you save money! How fabulous is that!!!

Anyway you are probably curious to find out the five elements...but I'll rather have you grab the book you are in the library and just go thought might learn a thing of two.

I will share what I have been using for the past three days and surprisingly is really working:

"-Apply lemon juice with a cotton ball to maintain your stunning skin. As a facial astringent, it removes excess oil and kills creepy bacteria. pat some onto your face every morning. leave it alone to do its thing for about ten minutes or so, and then rinse it off with tepid water followed by your favorite moisturizer. by just wiping some fresh lemon juice onto your face daily, you'll be amazed at how soft your skin will become. Make sure to avoid your eyes."

About the Author:
Michael Dejong is an environmentalist and eco-activist. DeJong and Joost Elffers are genourly donating all the royalties from each of the books in the Clean Series to the One Clean World Foundation

For more eco-clean tips by Michael deJong you can go to My Kind of Clean.

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