Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Celebrate "Cinco de Mayo" with a Paloma (Dove) Tequila drink

Celebrating "Cinco de Mayo" is about friends and family, good times and usually you either drink some Corona beer, the traditional margarita or just plain tequila. But if you are in the mood for something different, fun, low calorie and that is extremely easy to make then you should try a Paloma Tequila! I was introduced to it by a very good friend from Mexico. She told me this drink is usually what the ladies have when they get together around 5ish...how fabulous!

It is very easy to prepare and every time I serve it everybody find it irresistible...to the point they just keep drinking "Palomitas"through out the night. The secret is to have a good "anejo tequila".

In a glass with ice pour 1 part tequila, add then two parts of Sprite or Diet Sprite. Mix together. Add 1/4 part of lemon juice. You can finish with a little bit of salt (I personally skip this step). and Voila !! A fabulous new drink to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

If you want you can also have some Skinny Girl Margarita!


drollgirl said...

sounds DELICIOUS!!! i love tequila and patron and think you might too. ;)

mina. said...

Cheers for this fabulous drink! A must for ladies night out!

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