Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Discover India thorugh the lense of Poras Chaudhary

There are certain kind of photographers that are able to capture feeling through their lenses and bring your attention to detail, to color...and through their lenses you travel. Poras Chaudhari is one of those photographers..and through his pictures you experience India! Love the color of his photos, they are just fabulous! Some of them are taken at the Festival of Holi, religious festival, that is celebrated the day after the full moon in early March every year. Also called the festival of color because every body is supposed to be dress in white and people throw color at each other. This day and it marks the beginning of Spring Season in India.

You can also check his photo gallery at Flickr.
[Source CyanaTrend Land]


Anonymous said...

Thank you for introduing us to the new visions in the fantastic world of art!

drollgirl said...

these are just incredible!!!!!

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