Friday, May 22, 2009

Does this board really describe you? From Capricorn to Saggitarius..are you really like that?

What is your sign? Are you the cute Taurus one? Or the irresistible liar?? I am a Sagittarius..and even though I am not very patient I am extremely loyal, caring, loud and love to think that i am the one and only for my husband. My hubby is Taurus..and he is the best kisser!!

You can click on the pic to see it larger.

How about you?? 

{Image via here}


♥Aubrey said...

Oh i love this...I'm a Taurus.
This i'm definately doing a post on. You will be linked into it. Thanks Sasha!
~Hope you have a wonderful weekend~

mady dooijes said...

i can't do anything wrong- except when you mess with me. always good to hear you are pretty.... virgo.

irenne said...

SCORPIOo:)for sure everything is true.
all people around me are telling me that.
finally a zodiac who doesn't write all bad thing about!
good one:)

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