Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don't buy a new pair of shoes...DYE the ones you already have!

In the need of a new pair of shoes? The new green recesionista way of shopping is start with your closet. If you have a pair of shoes that maybe the color is not in anymore, or just too many uses and you cannot clean them...then DYE them!!! Specially today with all the fun shoe color out there, you can turn a dull creamy color shoe into a bright blue fabulous new shoe! You can send it to a shoe repair store and they do it for you ( although some do not have all the fun colors) or you can do it yourself with the new Color Dye by Terrago.How it works? You pat a primer onto the leather and then dab the dye. It soaks right in, with minimal mess..and you only need to coats. I have not try it yet but I am buying it right now, for 6.89 it is worth trying it. I actually had tow pair of shoes dyed by a professional two years ago and it really works!!! Now I am ready to try it at home! ( you can even do a leather bag, wallet..any leather!).

1 comment:

mina. said...

My friend dyed his shoes YELLOW and now they look amazing.

I have to try it!

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