Friday, May 15, 2009

Have you heard about Mr. Larkin? One of the most talked about eco-friendly fashion label

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Mr. Larkin, a San Francisco -based label that launched in October of 2008, is becoming one of the most talked about eco-friendly label..and I anticipate this is only the beginning. Mr. Larkin combines organic aesthetic with eco-friendly fabrics and fashion forward architectural shapes...a match made in heaven! Maria Menounos, Anne Hathaway have already falling in love with the label. Designer Casey Larkin's faded pastels are died from vegetables found at local grocery stores and incorporate recycled finishings, such as 1930 metal paillattes. Her Spring 2009 collection includes sweaters made of soy, organic bamboo and cashmere like milk fiber. Overall the vibe of the label is vintage-meets-modern look. I am extremely excited with this line!Keep reading to see more pictures form the Spring 2009 is worth it!

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Expect to see the line hit major department stores in the coming months.

What is your favourite eco-friendly label?


Carlotta said...

I know him , very beautiful creations I'm always happy when you can find great clothes and help the nature, the long white dress is gorgeous!!

mady dooijes said...

just gorgeous...

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